GMAIL create account and open gmail email.

GMAIL, step by step instruction how to open account.

To open gmail account you mast visit gmail website and then press "create an account"
create gmail account 1
On next step you must insert all information, First name and last name. By choose your username the selected username will be also your email (username: botyhowto  email: Insert password at least 8 characters (for better inscription use lower, bigger letters and numbers) and then retype password to confirm if. Insert birthday date, your gander, you can insert phone number (recommendation in case you lost password this will help) your current email (recommendation in case you lost password this will help), insert security code and select country. Check I agree to the Google Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. After all is inserted press “Next step”
create gmail account 2
Well done, your create GMAIL account, all you have to do is press "Continue to GMAIL".
create gmail account 3