FACEBOOK setting work and education

FACEBOOK instructions, how to set up Work and Education

To add or change your Facebook Work and Education personal date fallow next steps:

When you are log in Facebook profile, to add or change profile picture press "Edit Profile"
edit profile
Under Work and Education you can insert information about where you are working, where did you go to college, where did you go to high school and what skills do you have.
Facebook work education 1
When you press on one of the inserting lines, it will show dropdown list with already inserted Firms, collages and high schools. Write your information and if data are already inserted (example you are working in Microsoft in dropdown list you will find it) choose right one, otherwise type information. Under personal skills you can write your one skills (for example mechanic engineer...).
Facebook work education 2
When all date you want to share are inserted, than you must take care for privacy, who your information will see. Pres on privacy button and drop down menu will show. You can chose Public (your data will be visible for all Facebook users), Friends (only your personal friends will see information) or Only me ( only you will see information) If you agree with selected, select right and press Done editing and you are done. If in drop down menu is not option you want, you can press Custom.
Facebook work education 3
Under custom privacy you can setup with who you want to share this or with who you don’t want to share this.
Facebook custom privacy 1
Under Share this with in drop down menu you can chose between Only me, Friends, Friends of a friends (all friends of your friend will see your information) or Specific people or lists, where you insert only Friends you want to see this information. Under don’t share this with, you can insert Friends, with which you don’t want to share this information. After you set up all date press “Save Changes” and you are done.
Facebook custom privacy 2