FACEBOOK create account

FACEBOOK instructions, how to create an account

First go to website www.facebook.com. Fill all data, first name, last name, a valid e-mail address, password, date of Birth and choose gender. When all data are entered, press "Sign Up" button.
create account 1
You will continue in next 4 steps. On first step you can search friends on your e-mail account (Gmail, Yahoo mail ...), but you will find fiends later after your account is open, so press "skip" button twice.
create account 2
On next step you can insert profile info (High School, College, Employer, Current City and Hometown). If you fill profile data, press "Save & Continue" button, otherwise you can fill data later and press "skip" button.
create account 3
Step 3 just press button "skip"
create account 4
On last final step 4 you can upload or create your picture with webcam and press "Save & Continue", otherwise press "skip" and you will upload your picture later.
create account 5
Now all you have to do is just go to your mail account (a valid e-mail address you enter it in step 1) and complete the sign up process.
create account 5
Log in to your mail account and find Facebook confirm e-mail. If it is not in regular mails try under junk mails. Open it and press "confirm your account". And now you are owner of your Facebook account. For more information how to set up your account continue our tutorial.
create account 7