FACEBOOK profile picture

FACEBOOK instructions, how to add or change profile picture and background or cover picture.

To change or add Profile picture and change background - cover image fallow next steps:

When you are log in Facebook profile, to add or change profile picture press "Edit Profile"
edit profile
It will open profile editor, where you have a lot of settings. To change profile picture with mouse move to picture area it will show "Edit Profile Picture" button. Press it.
Facebook edit profile picture 1
Drop down menu opens with four options. If you have webcam you can press""Take photo" and you will directly upload your Picture. With "Upload Photo" you upload picture from a computer. "Edit Thumbnail" is function to set up position of picture in picture window, and last "Remove" delete your profile picture. And you are done. Picture is on.
Facebook edit profile picture 2
To change or add background - cover, on profile editor move mouse on place of background - cover and "Change cover" button will appear. You can upload picture from your computer with pressing "Upload Photo" or select it from pictures already uploaded on Facebook profile. With function "Reposition" you will be able to move picture on window position you want, and function "Remove" delete picture.
Facebook edit profile picture 3